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Sprinkler Fittings


Sprinkler system helps to spray water through nozzles, at the rate less than absorption capacity of soil. This system and its joints consists of pipes and fittings made up of HDPE. Water can be optimized to get maximum benefits out of it. Nijanand sprinkler system is designed and developed by water irrigation and conservation spcialists, and installed under expert, experienced technicians so that its quality is maintained to meet customers requirement and satisfaction. Sprinkler system is usefull for all kinds of soils. By applying water through the sprinkler system, 40% water can be saved, soil erosion can be prevented / reduced, temperature of plant area can be maintained in summer. All the plants get uniform and regular water supply, hence plant growth is uniform and fast.


Sprinkler Fittings Sprinkler Fittings
Salient Features
Flexible & touch Strong and durable Corrosion resistant  
Portable & light weight Low labour & transport cost Easy handling & quick installation  
Different Sprinkler Irrigation Parts
90° Bend Sprinkler coupler side T End cap                Tail bush PCN Y T
Reducer PCN Adapter Bush PCN Rain Gun
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